21 - 26 January 2022, Malaysia Pavilion @ EXPO 2020 Dubai

Sustainable Agriculture Week - Our Food, Our Future!

Company Information

Medika Natura is a clinical-stage company focusing on botanical drugs and high-value herbal ingredients of Malaysian and Southeast Asian origin. Our products are currently undergoing Human Clinical Trials in Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. The company has also completed multiple pre-clinical studies related to the treatment of obesity, diabetes, cancer and COVID-19. To date we have raised more than RM30 million in R&D and commercialisation funds.

Featured Products

Labeesity® 125mg

Labeesity® was developed for overweight and obese individuals.

SKF7™ (Standardized Extract of Labisia pumila)

SKF7™ is an aqueous ethanolic.

Starpril™ 187mg

Medika Natura's Starpril 187mg is an Orthosiphon aristatus.

Parvira™ 100mg

Medika Natura's Parvira 100mg is a herbal supplement that contain Kaempferia parviflora .

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