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Company Information

Malaysia National Birdnest Cooperative-Society (Koperasi Penternak Burung Walit Malaysia Berhad) P-6-0601 was founded in year 2012 and consist members from the Malaysia Birdnest Ranchers Association (Persatuan Penternak Burung Walit Malaysia) 1294-12-PPG. The foundation for its members was to prioritize consumers by striving in complying and maintaining all its product under brand trademark of Kowalit® and ebn® are safe and of the highest quality. This is due to the fact that Koperasi is founded by members from various background with a common idea in sharing their love and knowledge on the best of birdnest to consumers.

Koperasi’s birdnest processing factory situated in Lunas, Kedah began operating in the processing of edible birdnest in the year 2015. It is the only birdnest processing facility in Malaysia that has accredited cleanroom Grade ‘D’ processing area to ensure a safe and high-quality product. All Kowalit® bird nest processed in the factory are free of additive and chemical and is required to meet stringent safety and quality standard to ensure consumers obtain the best quality clean edible bird nest. The picking process must be according to the high internal standard operating procedure to ensure high quality cleanliness of the bird nest and to ensure the nutrient, especially the protein and Sialic Acid in the bird nest are conserved. Apart from that, the processing of the edible bird nest must meet the standards required HALAL JAKIM, HACCP, GMP, MeSTI and Veterinary Health Mark to increase customer’s confidence and trust in the product.

Featured Products

Kowalit® Bird Nest

Kowalit® birdnest is highly nutritious and contains high glycoprotein and amino acids.

KOWALIT® Instant Freeze Dry Birdnest

Freeze Dried Instant Birdnest contains all the benefits of Kowalit® Birdnest.

ebn® Exclusive Regenerating and Lifting Spray

ebn® Exclusive Regenerating and Lifting Spray is innovated by using birdnest peptide.

Cheetah™ Energy Drink with Birdnest Extract

Energy Drink infused with birdnest extract.

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