21 - 26 January 2022, Malaysia Pavilion @ EXPO 2020 Dubai

Sustainable Agriculture Week - Our Food, Our Future!

Company Information

Established in 2017 and in just a few years, DSR expanded its durian plantation to over 3,800 durian trees, of which majority are authentic Raub Musang King durians. The launch of D’MasKing fulfils our goal of becoming the first integrated orchard-to-market durian player in Malaysia. We aim to bring consistent all year supply of downstream durian products by increasing the number of stores to major cities nationwide.

Featured Products

D.MasKing Raub Musang King Frozen Durian Pulp 350g

Musang King from DSR TAIKO BERHAD’s own well matured and earthy aroma.

D.MasKing Raub D24 Frozen Durian Pulp 350g

Durian D24 is one of the most popular durian clone in Malaysia.

D.MasKing Musang King Durian Pandan Kaya - 200gm

Traditional Kaya infused with authentic Musang King and natural Pandan extract.

D.MasKing Premium Musang King Gelato 400ml - Halal!

Premium Musang King Gelato, a finely crafted premium gelato.

D.MasKing Durian Truffle Popcorn - 150g

A feel good snack infused with the aroma of King of Fruit.

D.MasKing Durian Cheese Pizza 9"

Aptly being labelled so as it is made with authentic Musang King Durian purees.

D.MasKing Premium Musang King Durian White Coffee - Malaysian Pride!

Made from the premium grade coffee beans and authentic Durian Powder.

D.MasKing Premium Bentong Ginger Dark Tea

Made of powerful blend of premium Black Tea with zesty Bentong Ginger.

D.MasKing Creamy Seedless Musang King Pulp – 100% Authentic Raub Musang King Durian Flesh

Raub Musang King frozen durian paste is hygienically vacuumed packed.

D.MasKing Creamy Seedless D24 Pulp – 100% Authentic Raub D24 Durian Flesh

Durian D24 is one of the most popular durian clone in Malaysia.

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