21 - 26 January 2022, Malaysia Pavilion @ EXPO 2020 Dubai

Sustainable Agriculture Week - Our Food, Our Future!

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As a leader in the fisheries transformation, The Department of Fisheries Malaysia strives to achieve development and modernisation in the fisheries sector. Our mission is to manage and develop the fisheries sustainability dynamically and competitively based on the scientific information and to provide the best service. Hence, the Department aimed for efforts to improve our service quality, efficiency and effective delivery system as well as to enhance the visibility of the Department by empowering new and existing programmes/projects through smart partnerships between the Department and its stakeholders.

Featured Products

Super Intensive White Shrimp Culture System

The system is equipped with paddlewheel for water circulation and ventilation.

Intensive, Hygienic and Sustainable Production of Moina sp

Solution for Quality Fish Fries Production Livefeed is one of an important input.

Broodstock Management Program of Malaysian Mahseer

"Kelah" 99 Activity That Is B Kelah is an indigenous riverine cyprinid within Southeast Asia.

Marine Protected Area

Marine Park is a sea zoned area that spans for a distance of two nautical miles from the lowest sea level.

Artificial Reef

Malaysia is the first country in Southeast Asia to build an artificial reef in 1975.

Coral Restoration

Coral restoration is a process that uses a variety of techniques.


Environment and Global Environment Facility (GEF) through SEAFDEC to manage and conserve important species and marine habitat.

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